Naturally vegan and gluten free corn patties that are handmade and grill. Arepas can be filled with anything you would like.

Arepa with shredded cheese $7.99
Arepa with mano cheese  $8.99
Arepa with ham and cheese  $9.99
Arepa with eggs  $8.99
Arepa perico (scrambled eggs, tomato, onion and cheese) $8.99
Arepa reina pepiada (traditional chicken salad with avocado and mayo) $9.99
Arepa grilled or shredded chicken  $9.99
Arepa pork (tomato, avocado and cheese) $9.99
Arepa shredded beef  $9.99
Arepa pelua (shredded beef and cheese) $9.99
Arepa catira shredded chicken and cheese  $9.99
Arepa domino (black beans and cheese) $9.99
Arepa llanera (steak, tomato, avocado and cheese) $12.99
Arepa pabellon (shredded beef, black beans, sweet plantains and cheese) $10.99
Arepa veggie $9.99